# vuepress-plugin-clean-urls

Provides support for clean urls in your VuePress site.


This plugin will always work on your dev server, but VuePress does not have the right to modify server identification. If you want your URLs to follow a certain pattern (e.g. /routing instead of /routing.html or routing/), you should make sure that your server would treat it as an HTML. This means that you may need to configure your server specifically.


# Installation

npm install -D vuepress-plugin-clean-urls

# Usage

// .vuepress/config.js
module.exports = {
  plugins: [
        normalSuffix: '/',
        indexSuffix: '/',
        notFoundPath: '/404.html',

# Configs

# normalSuffix

  • type: string
  • default: '/'

The suffix for normal pages. For example, foo/bar.md will become:

  • foo/bar.html by default (without this plugin)
  • foo/bar/ (with normalSuffix set to '/')
  • foo/bar (with normalSuffix set to '')

# indexSuffix

  • type: string
  • default: '/'

The suffix for index pages. For example, foo/index.md will become:

  • foo/ by default (without this plugin)
  • foo (with indexSuffix set to '')
  • foo/index.html (with indexSuffix set to '/index.html')


An index page is a page with a file name of index.md or readme.md (case insensitive).

# notFoundPath

  • type: string
  • default: '/404.html'

URL for "404 not found" page.